Australian Chinese Women’s Federation was incorporated in May 2009. Its main aims are to promote Australian Chinese Women’s self-respect, self-esteem and self-independency, protect their legal rights and entitlements, assists women at risk, encourage women to participate in mainstream activities and promote their social status. The foundation ceremony of the Australian Chinese Women’s Federation will be on 8 March 2010.


1. 提高澳洲华人妇女的自尊,自重和自我独立;

2. 保护他们的合法权益,并帮助受欺负和压迫的妇女;

3. 鼓励她们参与主流社会的活动,并提高其社会地位;

4. 保护他们的合法权益,并帮助受欺负和压迫的妇女;

5. 鼓励她们参与主流社会的活动,并提高其社会地位。