AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION TIMES ONLINE VERSION 澳洲移民报在线版 The Australian Migration Times had its root as a community newspaper and was not intended for profit purposes. The Australian Migration Times circulated its first edition in 2006 and after 7 years of circulation, the publication now no longer requires funding from the legal practice to sustain its circulation. In order to cater to a wider audience, Ms Lily Chen has decided to add four additional English editorial pages. The editorial team hopes that through the Australian Migration Times, they are able to introduce and promote the Chinese community and culture to the wider local community. It is also the sincere hope of the editorial team that the Australian Migration Times will play a vital role in introducing, equipping and informing the latest migration policies to all potential migrants with a Chinese ethnicity background. Ms Lily Chen serves as the Editor in Chief and the legal advisor for the publication.  《澳洲移民报》也是公司的业务之一,但它并不以盈利为经营目的。报纸在发行七年后开始盈利,不再需要赞助或事务所的经济支持。因此,陈莉莉女士决定扩充四个英文版面来吸引更多的读者,以此将中国文化、中国习俗和华人社区推向主流社区。陈莉莉女士是此份月刊的总编及法律顾问。对于有意移民澳洲的华语人士来说,这份报纸在他们与移民法和澳洲政府政策之间起到了重要的桥梁作用。 请选择相应期刊数,下载PDF文件阅读。
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