Team 专业团队

Lily Chen & Associates employs a team of dedicated and highly qualified personnel who are all fluent in the English, Chinese and Cantonese language. The professional team consists of three Master Degree graduates and one Bachelor Degree graduate staff.


Lily Chen 陈莉莉 

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Bing Liu 刘冰

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Gwen Gu 顾雯 Marketing    

Yiting Wen 闻轶婷

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Ying Liu 刘颖  Translator 翻译 Ying graduated from Sydney University with a major in Master of Cross-cultural Communications. She is also a NAATI accredited Professional Translator from the English language into the Chinese language. Previously based in Sydney, Ying moved to Perth in early 2013 and joined the firm as a professional translator and settlement clerk. She is responsible for all the in-house translation work. Her excellent work ethics, attention to detail and her ability is evident across her work. Ying’s strengths lie in her active attitude and a strong sense of responsibility. She endeavors to bring smiles and positivity to the people around her and the workplace. She is also a bilingual, fluent in both the English and Chinese language. 刘颖毕业于悉尼大学,跨文化传播专业硕士学位。她是NAATI认证的专业英文译中文翻译。 刘颖曾在悉尼学习、生活近四年,于2013年初来到珀斯并加入公司。她主要负责公司内部的翻译工作。她严谨、细心,具有很强的工作能力。 刘颖对工作积极、负责,对客户和同事热情、友好。她熟练掌握中、英双语
Yan Wang 王妍 AMT Editor & Reporter 《澳洲移民报》编辑记者   With seven years of international news translating and editing and directing experience at China Radio International in Beijing, Yan Wang knows how to capture and hold audience’s attention by visual contents. Working as an editor and reporter of Australian Migration Times since July 2016, she is responsible for editing, marketing, promoting of AMT and WeChat platform.       王妍曾就职于中国国际广播电台国际新闻编译部门,有七年多的编译编导经验。中英文功底扎实,懂得如何运用文字、视频及图片吸引读者与客户。2016年7月加入Wayon大家庭后,主要负责《澳洲移民报》市场、采编、出版和发行等一系列工作,以及微信公众平台“澳洲微移民”的运营和推广。