Lily Chen 陈莉莉 

Councillor of the City of Perth
Principal of Lily Chen & Associates
President of ACWF 
Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0322850)
Chief Editor of AMT

Ms Lily Chen graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and was admitted to practice in 2002. Beside, she is also a Masters Degree Graduate majoring in the Russian language. Prior to her arrival to Australia in 1995, Ms Lily Chen had worked in Russia for 2 years and also had been a university lecturer in China, tutoring Russian language and literature.

In December 2009, Ms Lily Chen was also appointed as an advisory council member to Her Honourable Robyn McSweeny, Minister for Women’s Interest for a 2 year term. During her term, Ms Lily Chen had worked with various council members to improve the social welfare for all Western Australians, particularly the women community. In February 2012, Ms Lily Chen was reappointed as an advisory council member for a further 2 years to her Honourable Liza Harvey, Minister for Police, Road Safety, Small Business and Women’s Interests.

In addition to her political career, Ms Lily Chen also chairs the Australian Chinese Women’s Federation and serves as the President of the Australian Chinese Women’s Council. The vision for the Federation and the Council is to promote and improve the financial independence of all Australian Chinese women as well as encourage the participation of Australian Chinese women in the socio, economical and political arena in Australia. Under Ms Lily Chen’s leadership, the Australian Chinese Women Federation and Council are significantly involved in various local community activities.

In October 2011, Ms Lily Chen was elected to the City of Perth as a Councillor. She hopes that this opportunity will bring a positive influence and example to the Australian Chinese women community. At the City of Perth, Ms Lily Chen is tasked with chairing the Marketing, Sponsorship and International Relations Committee amidst other committee responsibilities. Her dedication and capabilities has won her the admiration and praise from her colleagues.

Ms Lily Chen’s interests are in the areas of social welfare and justice, politics as well as networking.


2009年12月,陈莉莉女士被西澳州妇女部长罗宾 麦克斯维尼(Robyn McSweeny)任命为顾问,任期两年。两年中,她与其他市政成员共同为西澳妇女的生活而努力。2012年2月,她再次被任命为部长顾问,任期两年。目前,她是警察部长、下议院议员莉莎∙哈维(Liza Harvey)女士的顾问。