Yiting Wen 闻轶婷

Settlement Clerk

Yiting Wen graduated from Edith Cowan University as Bachelor of E-commerce and International Business in 2006, and currently works for Lily Chen & Associates as a full time Settlement Clerk. Her duties are taken care of all the property settlements process and ensure avoid problems or delays. She is one of the few settlement clerk who can speak truly bilingual languages (English and Chinese). She can fully understand your personal needs and aim to deliver professional services for all the clients with heart and soul.

闻轶婷在2006年毕业于ECU大学的国际贸易和电子商务专业,目前在Lily Chen律师事务负责过户工作。她的职责主要是负责确保房屋过户顺利进行,她精通英语和普通话。她能够明确的理解客户的需求,并且给予客户最专业的服务。